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Top 5 reasons why you should protect Bees and Other Pollinators

Bees have a very special place on this Earth as far as the human race goes. They are responsible for pollinating more than eighty percent of the earth’s flowering plants and of these, they pollinate seventy of the 100 most important human crops. It is also interesting to note that thirty-three percent of every bite of food we consume is obtained from a plant that has been pollinated by a bee.

why are bees important

Pollinating 80 percent of the Earth’s flowering plants
Bees have produced honey for many millions of years and were mentioned in ancient writings. They play an important role in nourishing animal and insect habitats, and in addition, they also help to make the Earth a more beautiful place. It is therefore very important for us humans to take measures to save the bees.

In fact, we can begin our quest to preserve bees by providing environmental education for kids at the kindergarten stage and above. The more education we provide to young growing up kids, the more knowledge they will have about the ecology. Hopefully, they will soon grow up to become dedicated warriors whose mission is to save the bees.

10 Ideas on How to Celebrate Children’s Day

The life of a child is perhaps the best phase in their lives. On Children’s Day, it makes sense to celebrate it with your child to not only give them a good time but to also relive your own childhood. There are several things you can do on Children’s Day. Here is a look at ten ideas on how to celebrate Children’s Day.
childrens day

Do nothing
Perhaps the best way to celebrate Children’s Day is by taking time off and doing nothing. This is the perfect time to take a break and it is also a good time to look back on your own childhood days. Allowing the child in you to come out is a good way of celebrating Children’s Day.

Eat some chocolates
When we grow up, we generally give up on small luxuries in life and one of these luxuries is eating chocolates. So, this Children’s Day, you should indulge yourself and feed yourself some delicious chocolates.


Make a pollinator house!