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Meet the Meerkats: TISHI, TASHI & UBAKI



the Baby Meerkat, cheerful and clumsy, carefull but world curious.

The cuddly one, loves giggles, his blue dummy and stuffed plush kittens.

He is allergic to dust, he is scared of darkness and loneliness.


the Sporty Meerkat, he enjoys football, playing around with water

and beeing active all day round.

He is careless, brave and clever, but easily gets into trouble.

His favourite snack is wild watermeloon, he hates boredom and rain.


the Wiseacre Meerkat, the big Brother of Tishi and Tashi,

adores reeding books, he must always know the answer for every question,

responisible and carefull. He is interested in wild animals life,

cares about the environment and tries to educate others.

He is a real glutton and loves tasty food and relaxing in the sun.

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