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Free Solar System Worksheets and Activities for Kids.

Solar System Worksheets for Kids Printable Pack is the next dose of our educational aids for Kids. This time, we have prepared many worksheets about Space and everything related to this topic. Many children dream of becoming an astronaut and flying a rocket straight to the Moon. Combine learning with playing. Print these Free Solar System Worksheets. Thanks to them, your children will learn more about the Space, the Solar System and the phases of the Moon. Learning through play brings the best results!

The Planets of Solar System – Space Worksheets.

Thanks to our worksheets, children will know the names of all planets and learn in what order they are in the Solar System. Cut all planets of the Solar System and put them in a right order. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all the planets that make up our solar system. The first four are Terrestrial Planets and the other four are Gas Planets (they are called Gas Giants because they are larger than the Terrestrial Planets).
Print the Solar System Worksheets and try to match appropriate names to the planets. You can also cut out all the planets and try to put them in the right order. Children will have a lot of fun playing with our worksheets. We have prepared many activities for you, for example, you can try to decode the names of all planets.

The Phases of the Moon – exploring the Solar System.

Moon phase is the term used to define which part of the Moon is visible from the Earth. The Moon is round, but we don’t always see it that way. Each phase of the Moon tells us which part is illuminated by the Sun. The Moon does not shine by itself, it only reflects the Sun’s rays. The invisible part of the Moon is simply shaded. There are four main phases of the Moon: the New Moon (the side of the Moon that faces the Earth is not illuminated at all), the First Quarter, the Full Moon (the entire area facing the Earth is illuminated) and the Last Quarter.

Space Memory Game.

One of our activities for kids is the Space Memory Game. Double-print each page, laminate it and play the Memory Game over and over again. You have to turn all cards face down and guess the position of the other card with the same picture. Each person may only reveal two cards during his turn.

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