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Today is the start of spring in the meteorological calendar!

Hello SPRING! Meteorological Seasons Change Every 3 Months

Another way to define the seasons is by grouping the twelve calendar months into four 3-month periods based on similar temperatures.

In the Northern Hemisphere…

Meteorological winter includes the months of December, January, February (DJF)
Meteorological spring includes the months of March, April, May (MAM)
Meteorological summer includes the months of June, July, August (JJA)
Meteorological fall includes the months of September, October, November (SON)
Meteorologists didn’t implement this classification just for the heck of it. By deals with data from whole rather than fractions of months, and aligns calendar dates more closely with the temperatures felt during that period, the scheme (which has been around since the early- to mid-1900s), allows weather scientists to more easily compare weather patterns from one season to another — something the astronomical convention makes cumbersome due to seasonal lag (the delay in seasonal temperatures settling in).

beginning of meteorological spring seasons changes meteorological seasons

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