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Making a Christmas Star Decoration from Self hardening Clay

What are we going to use:

-air hardening modeling clay

-star shape mold
-white acrylic paint
-vinyl glue
-lace, stemps- for making patterns

christmas ormanents diy clay

What you need to do:
Knead the clay until it becomes soft and flexible.  Then roll it to the desired thickness.
christmas decorations diy
Impress the pattern in a clay.

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Make a hole with a straw. You can thread the ribbon through the whole later to hang it .
When the star will be dry (leave it for 24 hours) paint it white with acrylic paint.
christmas diy decoration
Put a think layer of glue in places you want to have glitter. Then sprinkle glitter and brush off the glut.
diy christmas decoration
Thread a ribbon through the hole.
christmas star decoration

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