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How to teach your toddler colors

Repetition is the key in teaching anything to young children. Colors are one of the first concepts which toddlers are capable of learning. The best method to introduce concepts like colors to toddlers is to talk to your child about colors continuously. This ought to go hand in hand with teaching your kid to speak. Instead of simply saying, “Look at the puppy,” use phrases like, “Look at the black puppy,” “See the black puppy?” etc. Teaching your toddlers colors can be a challenge, but you don’t always need a lot of fancy preschool lessons to help kids learn colors. Here are tips for teaching your toddler and preparing them for preschool or kindergarten;
how to learn colors

Compare Identical Objects
Your child is still learning new words every day. If you compare two different objects while teaching your child color, you will only make the process more complicated. It’s easier for a child to distinguish the colors of a red ball and a blue ball than to distinguish a red ball and a blue sweater. Comparing two identical objects will make the differentiation between the colors more clear and easy for your toddler to learn.
Games and Puzzles
Other things that are so dear to children’s heart are games and toys. Get your kid a few attractive and brightly colored toys, alphabet blocks, puzzle games, color matching, and memory games, etc. If your toddler before now has few of these, then pull out those fun games and let them play and also explore their world of colors while even learning alphabets and numbers.
Songs and Rhymes
According to some studies, there’s a strong influence of music in a toddler’s development. Get few DVDs of audio visual animated songs and rhymes teaching shades and watch them with your kid. Make your toddler more cheerful by getting involved with him/her. Children tend to remember rhymes easily and quickly as it provides a practical example to a certain extent.
Favourite Dressings
Assuming your son loves a red top and blue paint. Whenever he points out at his favorite clothes, always tell him that even today he will wear the same red top and blue paint. With repetition, he will learn at least these two colors very easily. Take advantage of the favorite dressing phenomenon of your child and tag his/her favorite dressing with names of their colors.
You can start teaching colors to your toddlers at as early as two years. Toddlers usually love bright colors. Start teaching your toddler the primary colors first: Red, green, yellow, blue. Let them understand the concept of these basic colors before you go beyond these four colors. By repetition and emphasizing what the child is learning by talking to them, your toddler can simply learn their colors to prepare them for their future in education.

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