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Thanksgiving Family – Friendly Traditions and Games

thanksgiving traditions

Oh, Thanksgiving… what could be lovelier than the feelings it brings? This is that important time of the year that we get to spend quality time with our family, with food, party, games and family-friendly traditions that make every second count.
Family-friendly traditions and games are two great ways to create a long-lasting, beautiful Thanksgiving memory. In case you don’t have any idea what to do, we’ve got you covered.
Below are listed five fun and meaningful family-friendly thanksgiving traditions and game ideas that will make spice up your holiday:
Six Amazing Thanksgiving Family-friendly Traditions
Give to the Homeless: 
Giving to the homeless is one very good activity to engage your family in on Thanksgiving.Pay a visit to your local homeless shelter and share some food with people who have nothing. Additionally, you could organize to raise a fund at schools, community centers, and at local churches. Collect food, clothes, books, old toys, financial donations, and give them to the needy as Thanksgiving gift.
Thanksgiving for a Family in Need: 
Make it a tradition that each child donates a little money or their time, and render help to a family in need. You could also have them visit a local orphanage home and serve Thanksgiving meal to the children there.
Express Gratitude: 
What is Thanksgiving without saying ‘thanks,’ right? Make everyone express three things they are grateful for; this should be done around the dinner table before anyone starts eating. You can place three pieces of candy before each kid, and they aren’t allowed to eat them until they say three things they are grateful for.
‘Thank You’ Cards: 
Creating ‘thank you’ cards is one very good Thanksgiving tradition for your family too. You could have everyone in the family write thank you cards to people they are grateful for. These people could be friends, neighbors, relatives, parents, or even relatives.
You could also put a Name Card at every spot for the Thanksgiving meal. The Name Cards will have the name of a person on the outside, and a small gratitude note on the inside – ask the children why they love each person on the card.
Family Day: 
Who says you personalize this day for your family? Thanksgiving day is a perfect day you can be with your family: eat meals together, watch a movie, or even play family-friendly thanksgiving games together.
Below are some games you could play on Thanksgiving:
Apple Pass
Items Needed:  Apples
How to play:
Create two groups of people, with each group standing in a single line
Instruct them to pass an apple down the lines without using their hands (they can use their chins, legs, or elbows – anything, except their hands)
The first group that gets their apple down the line wins!
Cranberry Spoon Race
Items Needed: Cranberries, Spoon
How to play 
Have children and guests place cranberries on their spoons, and then they race with them
A runner must start all over if any cranberries fall off the spoon during the race.
Family Trivia:
Anyone can play this game. Let someone make a compilation of little-known facts about each family member, and then ask questions based on the list of facts compiled. If your family members watch football constantly, then you can conduct a football trivia.
Anyone who gets an answer correctly gets rewarded.
These ideas should help make your Thanksgiving a memorable one for your family and friends!

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