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Why bees and pollinators are important?

why are bees important

Why bees and pollinators are important?


Bees have a very special place on this Earth as far as the human race goes. They are responsible for pollinating more than eighty percent of the earth’s flowering plants and of these, they pollinate seventy of the 100 most important human crops. It is also interesting to note that thirty-three percent of every bite of food we consume is obtained from a plant that has been pollinated by a bee.

Nourishing animals

Pollinating 80 percent of the Earth’s flowering plants
Bees have produced honey for many millions of years and were mentioned in ancient writings. They play an important role in nourishing animal and insect habitats, and in addition, they also help to make the Earth a more beautiful place. It is therefore very important for us humans to take measures to save the bees.

In fact, we can begin our quest to preserve bees by providing environmental education for kids at the kindergarten stage and above. The more education we provide to young growing up kids, the more knowledge they will have about the ecology. Hopefully, they will soon grow up to become dedicated warriors whose mission is to save the bees.

Pollinates 80 percent of flowering plants

Bees pollinate eighty percent of the earth’s flowering plants. What is more a single bee colony is capable of pollinating 300 million flowers daily. Bees pollination plays an important role in nourishing animals such as birds as well as other insects. They also play a very important role in beautifying the floral landscape of Mother Earth.

Vital to a human food supply

Since bees pollinate seventy of the top 100 human food crops, they are very important to the survival of the human race. They also pollinate approximately seventy-five percent of fruits and nuts as well as vegetables grown in the United States of America.

Bees produce honey

Honey is perhaps one of the most important reasons to save the bees. If there were no bees, there would also not be any honey.

Bees are significant from a historical standpoint

Bees have produced honey from flowering plants for many millions of years. Honey was important to the ancient Egyptians. Who used it to sweeten their foods and to pay tribute as well as to also pay one another.

Bees help businesses make a lot of money

The honey that bees produce has contributed to the agricultural sector to the tune of well over nineteen billion dollars in just one year (2010).

The bottom line is we humans have realized the importance of saving the bees. The United States has decided to phase out pesticides that would otherwise kill bees. Moreover Greenpeace has collected almost half a million signatures to help save the bees. It is important for us to understand the important role that bees play. Besides, they have been inspired to make a commitment to save the bees and inspire various businesses to do the same.
The New York City Beekeeping Organization has taken upon itself to educate and promote the benefits of keeping bees in the world. Another organization called Avaaz has collected in excess of three million signatures in their petition that aims to save the bees.

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