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Back To School
Educational Alphabet & Math Learning Apps

Back To School - Educational Alphabet & Math Learning Apps

Back To School – Educational Alphabet & Math Learning Apps
Back To School - Educational Alphabet & Math Learning Apps
Back To School - Educational Alphabet & Math Learning Apps

Prepare your kids for school this summer!
How can you help your children prepare for the school? Here are some great apps to help accelerate your children’s learning. Here you will find amazing introduction to the alphabet learning, simple math games and many smart and educational games for kids. So, do not waste your time! It’s Back to school already!

The best way to prepare your children for success in kindergarten and preschool curriculum. Its simple child-friendly interface offers children an engaging way to master essential preschool skills in DIFFERENT EXCITING EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES

Counting, Colors, Geometry, Alphabet, Math, Numbers, Shapes Sorting, Patterns, Puzzles, Learn to Read Letters for Toddler Children!

+++ 123 Kids Fun ALPHABET

Fun, captivating and interactive way for your children to learn and practice saying, identifying and writing the letters of the alphabet. With 123 Kids Fun ALPHABET your child will have loads of fun with it’s bright and colorful sounds and illustrations, simple menus and navigation, and best of all they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment with it’s built in reward system.

+++ 123 Kids Fun NUMBERS

Educational, fun and rewarding suite of games aimed at teaching your child to identify, say and form numbers. First, your child can learn all ten numbers by performing simple tasks. Later, it can learn how to write numbers using special templates.

+++ 123 Kids Fun EDUCATION ->> BEST OF 2014 PRESCHOOL TOOLBOX by TeachersWithApps.com

This app includes puzzles which teach children to recognizing colors, guess animal sounds, count and burst colored soap bubbles and much more. Learn the names of animals and the sounds they make, fruits, vegetables, objects, colors, numbers, and how to spot differences between objects.

+++ 123 Kids Fun FLASHCARDS

This is the ultimate online flashcard tool for toddlers and preschoolers. With our flashcard game, kids learn first words with sounds, colors and pictures! Flashcards with great sounds and animations in many categories: Furniture, Insects, Fruits, Vehicles, Cutlery and Dishes, Clothes, Vegetables, Animals, Bathroom + four 22-level quizzes and a scoreboard to help keep track of your child’s progress.


* Developed and reviewed by experts in preschool education
* Delightful animations will help your children learn letters, words, shapes, numbers in a fun and engaging way
* Frequent repetition designed to help children learn letters, words, shapes, numbers
* Aligned to Common Core Standards for Preschool and Kindergarten Education
* A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises and rewards
* Funny, bright and creative artwork
* Your children can interact with the app at their own pace
…and more!

If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings with your device to see if your device is muted. Don’t hesitate to contact customer care at contact@123kidsfun.com

123 Kids Fun Alphabet

123 Kids Fun Alphabet

123 Kids Fun Numbers

123 Kids Fun Numbers

123 Kids Fun Flashcards

123 Kids Fun Flashcards

123 Kids Fun Education

123 Kids Fun Education

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123 Kids Fun games for kids preschoolers and toddlers

123 Kids Fun Apps
Our goal is to create the highest quality games for toddlers and preschoolers for smartphones and tablets. We are proud to say that we make fun and smart educational games that are not only effective, but entertaining. We make games that let kids explore and discover, games where there are no wrong moves, but where the right move will reveal, reward, and teach.
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