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Memo Cards

123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS

Ubaki Memo Cards
123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS
123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS

123 Kids Fun games for kids preschoolers and toddlers

Ubaki Memo Cards

Ubaki Memo Cards is a free, logic game for 2 people. Reveal in pairs. Try to remember the location of pictures. Your goal is to find two of matching cards. This memory game will help you train concentration skills. Those exercises performed regularly certainly improve capabilities of your brain.

Focus and learn logical thinking with us. Are you ready for the daily memory challenge? It’s a great way to improve concentration skills and have unforgettable fun and competition! The game contains beautiful illustrations which also develop your imagination.

You have to remember their location and match them in the shortest possible time! The faster you do it, the more points you get.

Ubaki Memo Cards have picture boards in several different categories to choose from:

– Vehicles
– Dinosaurs
– Monsters
– Fruit
– Numbers – combine the number of dots with the appropriate number
– Letters – combine small and capital letters
– Geometric figures
– Marine animals

You choose which cards you want to play with. Invite your friend to play together.

Boys and girls, everyone can have fun with it. You can choose illustrations that will be unveiled. You can use it both at home and outside – just take your tablet with you. It’s so simple. Each place is suitable for training.

There are three gameplay options available:

– One player – practice yourself and improve your results. Become a master!
– Two players – have fun together and see who has better memories than you.
– Player + computer – check if your memory is better than your computer.

Choose the option that you like best and develop your skills.


– helps in learning the names of objects
– teaches numbers, letters, shapes and colors
– it is designed in a simple and intuitive way, easy to use
– trains visual memorizing
– contains beautiful and colorful pictures
– great soundtrack

Challenge your friend to a duel and see who has better memory! This is great entertainment for the whole family. You can play with your parents or siblings.

Check who is the champion!

123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS

123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS

123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS

123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS

123 Kids Fun MEMO CARDS

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123 Kids Fun games for kids preschoolers and toddlers

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