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123 Kids Fun
123 Kids Fun Numbers
123 Kids Fun Numbers

123 Kids Fun Numbers
123 Kids Fun games for kids preschoolers and toddlers

123 Kids Fun NUMBERS

Get your child ready for Preschool and Kindergarten with these Common Core supported math games for kids. 123 KIDS FUN NUMBERS is an educational, fun and rewarding app which allow kids to develop math skills at their own pace while having fun.

Educational content

– Know number names and the count sequence.
– Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence.
– Write numbers from 0 to 10.
– Count to tell the number of objects.
– Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.
– Compare numbers.
– Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group.
– Compare two numbers between 1 and 10 presented as written numerals.
– Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.
– Solve addition and subtraction word problems, and add and subtract within 10.
– Fluently add and subtract within 5.

Six games to consolidate knowledge

– Trace numbers from 0 to 10.
– Make a juice from the right number of fruits for thirsty Tashi.
– Place the puzzles in the right order, from the smallest to the biggest.
– Put the right meerkat (with the right number) into it’s aircraft. Compare groups and numbers.
– Add with apples and numbers.
– Subtract with meerkats and numbers.
– Choose car, win the race and improve your subtraction and addition skills.

SNAIL TANK – The reward system

Stars are rewarded for each game which is completed. For each star that is earned, a snail, castle or plant is placed into a digital glass tank were the snails live and sleep. They can be cleaned, fed, cared for, and even dressed in cute little hats. This encourages children to keep practicing and learning in order to fill their tanks; kids have fun while learning to care for animals.


* Effective learning tool for toddlers and preschoolers.
* Hundreds of bright, colorful and memorable sounds and illustrations.
* Simple and intuitive menus, navigation and gameplay.
* Developed and reviewed by experts in preschool education.
* Delightful animations will help your kids learn numbers in a fun and engaging way.
* Frequent repetition designed to help children learn numbers and their sequences.
* Aligned to Common Core Standards for Preschool and Kindergarten Education.
* A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises.
* Funny, bright and creative artwork.
* Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.

Designed by seasoned experts in early education and based on the proven Montessori approach, this app turns kids into little math wizards!


If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings with your device to see if your device is muted. Don’t hesitate to contact customer care at contact@123kidsfun.com

123 Kids Fun Numbers

123 Kids Fun Numbers

123 Kids Fun Numbers


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