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Build a Ghost

halloween crafts for kids
halloween crafts for kids

halloween crafts for kids
halloween crafts for kids
halloween crafts for kids

Halloween Bunting

halloween decorations
halloween decorations
halloween decorations
party ideas
halloween party ideas
halloween party ideas

Halloween Coloring Masks

halloween costumes
halloween costumes
halloween costumes for kids

halloween party ideas

Halloween Memo Game

halloween party ideas

Halloween free printable decorations for kids

On the occasion of Halloween, many children tend to scare and disguise themselves as witches, zombies, mummies, vampires or even bats.

Other small children: preschoolers and toddlers prefer to wear the uniform of their favorite characters ranging from mermaids to astronauts, the character of Harry Potter, or the incarnation of several movie characters. Thus, there is a multitude of disguises, many of which are easily achievable at home.

So, think of making your children happy by making Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations especially for them?

In general, Halloween disguises take on thematic colors such as black, white, purple, and orange.

In addition, there are recovery monsters and iconic characters. The most original and funny children will choose, for example, a pumpkin-shaped dress, a skeleton costume, a disguise of an undead nurse or ghost bride.

Finally, fans of horror movies and horror movies will turn to the outfits and Halloween masks of iconic serial killers such as Scream’s mask or Freddy Krueger’s signature …

For the enjoyment of your children during this celebration, you can lean towards Halloween printable masks and Halloween decorations.

A good alternative to refine and finalize your kid’s disguises.

One of the best moments of the Halloween season, not to mention the day when we are going to get tons of candy, of course, is the one where you have to decorate your house with a scary decoration.

To carry out this essential mission for your children, 123kidsfun.com offers you a series of free Halloween printables for kids to print on the theme of Halloween decoration! With the program: pennants to create a terrifying banner, decorations for Halloween cakes or poisonous cupcakes, and bizarrely shaped candy boxes.

Masks to print, and/or masks to color as well as models of Halloween masks of all kinds to have fun to disguise in the blink of an eye.

123kidsfun.com guarantees you a wide choice among all our creations for Halloween: animal masks, funny masks, traditional masks from all countries, carnival wolf, etc.

And then there is not only carnival to disguise, birthday, disguised evening, school show or just to laugh at the time of an afternoon, but there is also always an opportunity to disguise with Halloween masks to be printed.

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