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Easy ways to teach kids to count

How to teach your child to count


Learning in general for kids should be fun. This means that you don’t have to make it obvious to your child that they are learning. If learning can be so draining and boring for a very grown-up person, then it’s multiple times more boring for a young child. Hence, in the process of teaching your child to count, make the process enjoyable. Devise ways that make the learning process revolve around playing. That way, you can get your kid to master counting very easily. Your kid will not even realize they are learning. Make your kids enjoy the process of learning to count to the extent that, they feel like they can’t wait for the next session or game. For starters, as a parent, it’s crucial to note that there is a difference between reciting and counting. In the same way, there is also a difference between counting numbers and recognizing them. All of these three skills follow a pattern. If you are clueless about how to go about this topic, we have a few tips for you.


How to teach your child to write

How to teach your child to write


Today, writing is just as important as any other literate skill. Writing was invented from the desire by us humans to sometimes communicate with each other, without having to say a word. The desire for expression through writing is the reason why we find paintings on cave walls from our ancestors.

With the fast-changing world, your main focus as a parent is to make your kid literate. This is so that your kid can catch up with the times. Hence, it’ll be much easier for him or her to blend in into today’s society with ease. The best way to teach your kid to write is to develop in him or her the eagerness to want to know how to write. Being able to write is directly linked to reading. Hence, as you teach your child to read make sure he or she is learning how to write simultaneously. Writing covers a broad range of areas. Your child has to learn how to identify numbers and words. That means he or she has to know a certain number or letter by head and must be able to write it down on his or her own. This also means that your child has to be able to identify that same letter or number when they see it written in a book. Writing also involves handwriting. This simply means your child has to know how to shape letters and numbers appropriately in such a manner that it is easy to read. The following are some tips on how to teach your child to write effectively.


Free Printable Easy Mandalas for Kids

Free Printable Mandalas Coloring Pages for Kids

Look at these beautiful Free Printable Mandalas for Kids. This it perfect activity for children when they can’t go to school. Coloring Easy Mandalas for Kids is the best exercise for children who can not focus attention on one thing.

Click and print pictures with Cute Animal Mandala Coloring Pages – Best Coloring Pages For Kids, Mandala Unicorn Coloring Page and Mandala Dog Coloring Page. Your children will love Easy Mandala Coloring Pages.

Homeschool Worksheets Activities

Homeschooling & Activities - Free Printables and Worksheets for Kids

We have for you many Homeschool & Education Activities, Worksheets, Printables and Games for Kids. We have Human Body Printables and Alphabet Letter Worksheets A-Z. You can find Alphabet Tracing Worksheets, Alphabet Coloring Pages and Vegetable Alphabet. If you want more we have Alphabet Worksheets for Kids, there are 123 Kids Fun Puzzle Academy, Fill in the Vowels and Beginning Sounds. 


Games for kids on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick Day


Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration which practiced on 17th March. It is celebrated for Saint Patrick, who was from Ireland. This celebration is mainly occurred by the events as public parades and festival and the people attending this festival will wear green attire. This celebration generally involves public parades and festivals. There are also gathering for Games for kids on St. Patrick’s Day, the feast and dance programs. It is mostly based on the parades. In this parade there participates different types of people. There joins students, youths, kids, different kind of occupation people. Kids mainly enjoys this festival. Not only this, there are a lot of games and sports events are there to enjoy the fullest. This celebration consists of a lot of games and amusements, that attracts the kids mostly there


Free Printable Masquerade Masks Template

Free Printable Masquerade Masks Template for Kids

Free Printable Masquerade Masks Template for Kids. We are offering you today free mask templates to prepare a mardi gras mask for a kinder party or a masquerade masks party. Using our free templates is simple and cheap way, in which you will prepare handmade and unique mardi gras masks. All girls will be delighted with them. The preparation of such printable masks is great fun and you will spend fantastic time with your family. So do not wait, just prepare the materials and make your beautiful masks together. On our YouTube channel – 123 Kids Fun you will also find specially prepared videos where you will find out how to make these mask for kids step by step. Have fun!
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