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Did you know? Mickey facts.


Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character ever to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Walt Disney has said that Mickey and Minnie are married — but only in private. They’ve never had an on-screen wedding. But the man and woman that voiced Minnie and Mickey actually were married IRL!
Mickey is estimated to be 2 ft. 3 inches tall and to weigh approximately 23 pounds!
Originally, Walt Disney named Mickey „Mortimer.” But Walt’s wife convinced him to change it to „Mickey.” Mortimer ended up being the name of a new character — Mickey’s rival.



History. The hamburger is actually a far more recent invention than most realize. While countless culinary innovators take credit for creating the burger, perhaps the most likely candidate was New Haven, Connecticut lunch-cart operator Louis Lassen. As the story goes, in 1900, Lassen served a ground beef sandwich to a worker on the go, giving rise to the hamburger. The Lassen family is continuing the tradition 113 years later. At Louis’ Lunch, the burgers are cooked in vertical cast-iron gas stoves and served on plain bread; the only condiments available are cheese spread, tomatoes, and onions. Ingredients such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are strictly forbidden. According to the owners, students from nearby Yale University are often caught trying to smuggle ketchup into the grill. They are politely asked to leave.