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Children’s Day

Children's Day


Children’s day is approaching very fast. We have prepared several activities your kids on this occasion. Are you planning to spend this day in the garden? Great news! Youngsters love to spending time with their parents. They will be happy if mom and dad have fun with them. Do not be on your phone non stop and show your interest in playing with them. Show them that you can also have fun.



Playing with the water in the garden

Prepare a garden hose that has a rotary attachment. Jumping through a water stream on a hot day can be very pleasant. You can arrange a competition ‘who will stay dry for longer time’ or ‘who will escape quicker from the water’. I guarantee that everybody will like that.


Kids Playing Water


Backyard obstacle course

Preschoolers love competing. They also like fighting against time. Create an obstacle course that match the youngsters abilities. You can buy swimming noodles, from which you can create a real obstacle course. If you also want to participate in the game, you can turn into a referee and measure time. Backyard is a great place to have fun.


“Hot hula hop”

You only going to need hula hoops and some music. The best fun is when you gather your friends and have fun together. Participants must hold their hands and go through hula hoops when music is playing . When the music stops, the person who just passed through the wheel drops out. Invite more friends and have even more fun.


Hula Hoop


Handmade soap bubbles

Making huge soap bubbles is obviously a lot of fun for youngsters. Organize the bubble hunt. You create them and let the toddler caught it. Then you can count who has caught more bubbles.


Soap Bubbles


Huge painting the best activities for your Kids

When you are outside the home you do not have to be afraid that you will get dirty. Create a huge painting. Put a large card on the grass and do not worry that someone will get dirty. You can paint with your hands and feet. At the end you can hang your creation at home.


Body Painting

activities for your kids


They certainly do not need to be given the expensive gifts. They want to spend a lot of time with their parents. Give them a good example and show that you can have great fun outside. Reminiscence what your childhood looked like.


Finally, at the end of the day, after the effort put in the garden you can relax and play together our educational games. For example:


Tashi Coloring Book

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