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9 Creative Halloween Crafts for Kids

9 Creative Halloween Crafts for Kids


Pumpkin lanterns, handmade decorations, disguised children running with bags full of candies from door to door. This is how you can describe Halloween in short. But the most important things are definitely Halloween decorations – they make the atmosphere of this evening. We will show you some inspirations for Creative Halloween Crafts for Kids! These are easy-to-prepare decorations for children of all ages. These decorations are perfect to prepare in homeschool, preschool and kindergarten. Help your child develop the ability to create creative things. Make Halloween crafts for Kids together. Halloween is coming soon!



Homeschool Worksheets Activities

Homeschooling & Activities - Free Printables and Worksheets for Kids

We have for you many Homeschool & Education Activities, Worksheets, Printables and Games for Kids. We have Human Body Printables and Alphabet Letter Worksheets A-Z. You can find Alphabet Tracing Worksheets, Alphabet Coloring Pages and Vegetable Alphabet. If you want more we have Alphabet Worksheets for Kids, there are 123 Kids Fun Puzzle Academy, Fill in the Vowels and Beginning Sounds. 


Explore our games on AppGallery

123 kids fun huawei AppGallery

Our educational games for kids are now available on the next platform – AppGallery! AppGallery is a new store for Huawei devices. Your favorite games such as: Coloring Games for Kids, 123 Kids Fun Alphabet, 123 Kids Fun Numbers, Bee and many more are waiting for you there. Download and check what awaits you on the new platform!

Free Printable Dinosaur Flashcards & Memory Game

Free Printable Dinosaur Flashcards and Memory Game for Kids

Is your child interested in dinosaurs? Our Free Printable Dinosaur Flashcards & Memory Game for Kids help them learn the names of Dinosaurs. Check how prehistoric dinosaurs looked like. This is great activity for children and preschoolers. Your child will develop their interests and at the same time train their memory.

Print the set twice, cut out all the cards and play the Free Printable Memory Game for Kids. If you’re looking for Free Printable Dinosaur Flashcards for Kids, you’ve come to the right place, we’ve prepared for you a set of dinosaur cards.

On flashcards you will find dinosaurs such as: Pterodactylus, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Kentrosaurus and more. Check if your child can recognize all species.

Free Printable Fairy Princess Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Printable Fairy Princess Coloring Pages for Girls

Free Printable Fairy Princess Coloring Pages for Girls – click, print and color! All images with fairies can also be found in our Coloring Games for Kids app – check it out! We have prepared pictures that will appeal to every little girl.

Learning through play is the best way to gain new skills. Coloring pages help your child develop precise hand motions, and this helps them learn to write faster. Color and have fun with your kid! All Beautiful Fairy Princess Coloring Pages for printing are completely free. Check out our Free Coloring Pages!

10 Favorite English Songs for Kids

TOP 10 Favorite English songs for Kids


TOP 10 English Songs for Kids

We have prepared for you a list of the TOP 10 Songs for Kids! On our list you will find hits that are in every kindergarten. If you are wondering how to spend time at home with your child, the best solution will be learning singing and dancing together. This form of fun is the best for all toddlers and preschoolers! You can find lyrics in the description below the movies. Do you have your favorite song?


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