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Halloween Decorations

Kids Halloween Decorations

Halloween decoration ideas. On our YouTube channel – 123 Kids fun – DIY by Creative Mom you will find new videos with Halloween diy’s and creative ideas. If you don’t know how to make easy Halloween decorations like paper roll Halloween bats as well as Halloween creepy lantern or Halloween tea lights holders. These are very easy Halloween crafts that you will be able to make with your kids. Hope you will find here many interesting Halloween ideas for your Halloween parties. Have fun! Have fun while preparing these scary decorations.

Halloween Pumpkin Workscheets Free to Download

free halloween printables for kids

Today we are having fun with free Halloween printables for kids. Frida is making pumpkin mask, she chose her favorite printables and now she is cutting out paper pumpkins for her Halloween craft project.
If you like our free Halloween printables don’t hesitate to use them! On our website, you will find a lot of free printable templates. You will find here free worksheets not only connected with the Halloween holiday but also free printables with Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter celebrations. Lots of free coloring pages for children, cutouts, and games for kids. All this is completely free. Our materials will also be useful to those parents who teach their children at home. There is a whole section of home-schooling sets here. We wish you lots of fruitful fun and creative work.
Have fun.

Creepy Witches’ Fingers Cookies – Halloween Recipe

creepy witch finger cookies recipe

Firstly, children love cakes and sweets. And what else do they love so much? Halloween, of course. Because this holiday is not only a great opportunity for dressing up for children. Halloween masks, or creepy Halloween decorations but also a good opportunity for eating sweets. Furthermore, a holiday like Halloween is a great opportunity to bake your own homemade cookies from recipes. Today I will show you a halloween recipe for delicious and cute Halloween cookies – Halloween witches fingers cookies. They are as delicious as scary. Finally, Halloween is according to my children’s favorite holiday for kids, that’s why every year I try to prepare something delicious and homemade for them.

How to Make a Troll out of Paper Roll

paper roll troll poppy

Look what is waiting for you today on our YT 123 Kids Fun channel! A completely new tutorial on how to create a fairytale troll with a toilet paper roll. Poppy is definitely the children’s favorite. If in your homes, as in my own, paper rolls are everywhere – do not throw them away. You can make many colorful trolls and other crazy fairy-tale characters. I know that your children and you will have a lot of fun and joy. See you later!

Best 10 fall activities for toddlers

autumn activities for kids

Autumn is upon us and the weather is turning. It is time for kids to be playing outside while parents need to get into the fall mindset. If you want to enjoy fall with your toddler, then be sure to check out these best 10 fall activities for toddlers.

Autumn pictures

Start by taking autumn photos. This is one of the best things for parents and toddlers. You can then use the photos to add to your Christmas cards and also in a nice Christmas gift. One option available to you is to take photos in a pumpkin patch where the little ones can have a lot of fun.

New Series For Kids – 123 Kids Fun Short Movies

funny short movies for kids

Hello guys,
Today on our channel 123 Kids Fun, you will find the new video – 123 Kids Fun Short Movies. This is another new series of short cartoon series for kids with their favorite meerkats. Siblings Tishi, Tashi, and Ubaki are cute little meerkats who have lots of interesting adventures. These stories were designed for very small and bit older children, but parents will also laugh. We hope that you will follow all the videos and all adventures of the little meerkats family. I’m sure you will love them. Just like our educational apps for children – 123 Kids Fun.

When Will I Know My Child Is Ready To Go To A Nursery

nursery readiness 123 kids fun

The first thing parents of a new-born has to contend with is preparing their little one for the nursery. For kids, when they go to a nursery, they are opening up a new dimension in their lives and the same holds true for the mother. The nursery will provide your kid with a new set of social skills which they can put to use later on in life. Choose the nursery carefully. Once your child is ready to go to kindergarten, it is time for moms to choose whether to send their child to a local nursery or go somewhere a little farther away.

123 Kids Fun Apps
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