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Back to School Tips


How to Make the First Day Easier?

We all know that a first day of school most of the times is not easy. It doesn’t mean if it is High or Elementary. The vast majority of students are happy since they finally meet with their friends. Going back to school is not worth us being stressed about it. The most important thing is to show your kids that not only they are going to have a great fun there but also they will learn many interesting information and gain invaluable knowledge. Show them what they will learn. Best way to do that is “learning through playing”.


Back to School


Learning Through Playing – Cool Math Games

Great thing to do is to find a future classmate of your kid. First day would be easier if they know each other. You can also prepare them for topics which they will learn in first grade with their teacher. 123 Kids Fun Numbers is the best math game which prepare youngsters to learn math in first grade. They won’t even notice they will learn to count, add and subtract. As a reward for their achievements they get sweet snails. Thanks to this preparation future student will better understand core curriculum.


Back to School


Back to School – Education after Holiday – 123 Kids Fun Alphabet

During the holidays, the children learn without a progress book. It is their opportunity to take some rest during vacation. They often play games so it’s a perfect time to show them that they don’t have to click without thinking, and they can use this time and learn to read. 123 Kids Fun Alphabet is a game where you learn letters while playing. The most important thing for them is to spend time together with parents. It is such a comfortable feeling that they are always there to help them in any situation. Therefore, sit down and spend time with them. It will definitely give them courage and self-confidence. Also, don’t forget to emphasize that you are very proud of theirs achievements. It is the best preparation to going back to school.

Backpack Safety

If you haven’t bought it yet, it’s high time you do that. Remember that youngsters will carry it on their backs. Having their safety in mind, make sure that the backpack is not heavier than 10% of your children’s body weight. You should buy the lightest backpack you can find. It is also good since wearing it forces them to straighten their back. In addition, remove unnecessary items from it and put only light and needed stuff in it. Remind them to wear always both shoulder straps. Otherwise, they may suffering from back pain later. Did you consider a rolling backpack? It is also a good solution but remember that they still have to carry them up stairs.


School Bus


Traveling To and From School

Your children can get to school in several ways. The first option is going on foot. If you decide on such a solution then they need to remember a few things. First of all, they have to be aware what it takes to cross the street. You should tell them how to do it properly. The next solution is a School Bus. It is a good way for people who live too far from school to walk. However, they have to remember to always be in the driver’s sight, otherwise the School Bus might leave without them. Contrary to appearances, these are not difficult things. If we let them overcome this way by themselves the first couple of times, they will be more reliable and independent each time.

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