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Teaching math in the early years

cool math games

Teaching math in the early years

Math is one of the subjects every parent wishes their kids can master. The other subjects they want their children to excel at are reading and writing. The trouble is most parents concentrate on teaching their children literacy and in doing so, forget about math. However, the truth is it pays to teach your kids math at a young age because it will help them further down the road.

An important skill

Math for kids is an important skill that will ensure better grasp of other subjects including English. When kids are taught math at an early age, it allows them to develop skills that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives. The more advanced your child’s math skills are, the more it will help your child. For this reason, it makes sense to introduce your child at a young age to play math games and they should also be encouraged to learn to count when still young.

Mastering math early helps

Children from the age of 1 to 10 will do well to master early math skills. The good news is it’s possible to teach math to a child at a very young age. Although toddlers won’t know how to add or subtract, they can be introduced to things like numbers and counting at a very early age. When toddlers are introduced to numbers and counting, they will develop an understanding of numbers.

Number group recognition

Even at the tender age of six to twelve months, toddlers are able to recognize tiny number groups without counting. As a parent, it is your duty to encourage these mathematical concepts to your children at a very young age. This is possible when you provide your child with educational toys and by promoting activities that help the child to develop mathematical skills.

Success in life

Just as when a child learns to read and write, so too with math, they can be introduced to this important subject at a very young age. When your child manages to develop good mathematical skills, he or she will prove to be more successful later on when dealing with other academic subjects.

Encourage your children

Early learning and teaching math are important for not just toddlers and preschoolers but also for your young children. Parents can encourage their children to develop mathematical skills by giving them the right toys like blocks that are instrumental in helping your child develop an understanding of numbers. In addition, parents should also provide their young children with books and educational math games that focus on teaching them numbers and counting.

The 123 KIDS FUN MATH GAMES app is an educational, fun and rewarding tool. That can assist your preschool children to learn math with ease while getting ready for school. The app allows access to over 300,000 fun and interactive math problems that children can solve with that same fun feeling you get when playing games. Hence, the app enables kids to develop math skills at their own pace while having fun.

Math Games for Kids

Parent-child bonding

Parents should also spend time with their children teaching them math how to count and understand various numerical activities. It is just as important for parents to spend time with their children teaching them math. As it is teaching them how to be more literate.
The bottom line is early math plays just as important a role in your child’s life as early literacy. As a matter of fact, early math learning can even help your child improve his or her reading and writing skills. And, when they grow up, they will become more proficient at math. So, give them an opportunity to learn math at a very early stage. This will help ensure their success later on in life.

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