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New Coloring Pages created by a little artist

New Coloring Pages

A new set of pictures in Coloring Games for Kids! Miłosz is 8 years old and he is a huge fan of our game. Drawing is his greatest passion. Miłosz waits for new pictures in Coloring Games for Kids every month. He sent us his own set of Coloring Pages for January 2022. Miłosz drew 12 cute animals that look really great! We think the pictures are wonderful and they deserve to appear in Coloring Games for Kids. Download the game and check out the results of our cooperation!

Do you also have little artists in your home? Send us photos of their masterpieces! We will sign it with the child’s name and publish on our website! Millions of children around the world will see your pictures! You can send photos by email: contact@123kidsfun.com . If your child is also a fan of Coloring Games for Kids, write to us about it! How long have you been with us? We provide rewards for the most loyal subscribers!

Coloring Games for Kids

Print Coloring Pages – New Feature

A huge number of additional surprises are waiting for you in the Coloring Games for Kids in 2022. In addition to a set of new Coloring Pages, you will also get daily gifts: new crayons, patterns, glitters and stickers to make your creations even more beautiful! There is also a new feature! From now on, you can also print coloring pages directly from the app and use your own crayons and felt-tip pens to color the pictures! Download the game and check out all the new stuff!

We are changing for you!

Are you curious what will change in Coloring Games for Kids in the near future? Subscribe to us and play with new features! Every month we try to surprise you with new Coloring Pages and coloring items! Download the game and check it!

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